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Netflix original show, 13 Reasons Why. You’ve either seen it or you’ve heard about it. Maybe you’ve seen all the controversy around it and want to watch it for yourself and make an opinion of it. If that’s the case, I will try not to spoil too much.

I binged watched in a couple of days as soon as it came out and it was intense. I will admit, I did have to stop watching it multiple times because it was a little too upsetting to watch. I know that some people believe that it is not appropriate for some people to watch especially people who are contemplating suicide because it shows them what life would be like after they killed themselves. Some people also believe that it just isn’t something that should be shown on Netflix because of the topics it shows. However, I disagree. I disagree completely. 13 Reasons Why realistically demonstrated rape, self harm and suicide. They didn’t put a barrier on it and they didn’t romanticise it. It showed the truth of what happens and it allows viewers to really understand the impact that words and actions can have.

For those of you reading this and trying to decide whether or not to watch it, do it. Seriously, these issues are so real in today’s society through bullying, trauma and mental illness. It needs to be talked about. I believe there is no use in hiding it and covering it up, so many people could be helped if we stop treating it like someone seeking attention rather than someone who needs help. I will say one thing before moving on, if you are struggling with rape, self harm or suicide and you are thinking about watching this, think carefully. There are warnings at the beginning of some episodes indicating that there could be something triggering involved. Do not take those warnings lightly. Even though I knew what was coming, it was still extremely triggering for me to watch.

Now, not completely related to 13 Reasons Why but, about a week or two ago I learnt about the ‘game’ ‘Blue Whale’ that originated in Russia. I have been seeing more and more news around it lately and it has reached Australia and New Zealand. I am urging you not to play it please. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it is an app that you download onto your phone. It hacks it and you get sent 50 tasks to complete over 50 days. You have to complete self harming tasks and then eventually to win the game you are told to commit suicide. The app has been removed off the app store and off google play as far as I am aware. If you see this app anywhere please report it to the police. This is not something to joke about and teens have already been affected by it.

Thank you for reading. If you can’t already tell, I am very passionate about these topics and I believe it is something that desperately needs to be talked about.

Love Alyssa

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Lifeline 13 11 14

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SANE Mental Illness Helpline 1800 688 382

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