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So Thursday the 13th of April, Rachael, her sister and I had one of the best nights of our lives. We met the cast of The Next Step and we got to sit front row centre and watch them perform some incredible dances to some amazing songs.

I won’t bore you with the details of my day beforehand or waiting for Meet and Greet, basically, Rachael was a nervous wreck. So skipping straight to when we met them, they said hi and obviously we said it back and then we told them our names. They were so lovely and Jordan even said she liked my shirt. We then got a photo with them. We said goodbye and then went downstairs to buy some merch while we waited for the concert to start.

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My Meet and Greet Photo

Standing: Briar Nolet (Richelle), Myles Erlick (Noah), Victoria Baldesarra (Michelle), me, Lamar Johnson (West), Shelby Bain (Amy), Brittany Raymond (Riley).

Sitting: Isaiah Peck (Henry), Issac Lupien (Eldon), Trevor Tordjman (James), Jordan Clark (Giselle).

The show started at 6:30pm and it was incredible. The dances were amazing and they are so talented. I was smiling throughout the whole show and I loved it so much. And of course, Trevor and Brittany did a duet and it was beautiful. Rachael took some incredible photos so go check them out Rachael’s Blog – The Next Step Photos.

You can also see Rachael and I in the bottom right hand corner of the picture below. That’s how close we were!


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment down below if you went and saw the concert. Let me know what you thought!

On another note, I have decided I will be posting every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and I will be posting sneak peaks of each post on my social media accounts. See below.

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