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So today I thought I’d do something a little different because you barely know anything about my school life. It won’t be very long, it will just be a little bit on each of the subjects I do and why I chose them.

1. 2-Unit Maths


Okay well, I only turn up to class. I have to go to class and take notes but I don’t have to do the assessments because I am doing an extremely high level of maths that the 2-unit maths is basic knowledge.

2. Extension 1 Maths


This is not the higher level of maths that I was talking about. There’s more. Extension 1 maths is basically an extension on 2-unit content, so circle geometry, harder polynomials, all the hard stuff. I chose it last year, in year 11, not because I like staying after school for two hours, but because I thought it would be fun to try even just for a little bit, and I was right. It is fun. It’s hard sometimes but it is fun and really satisfying when you finally understand math induction after spending 20 hours trying to learn it.

4. Extension 2 Maths


If you understand the picture above, leave me a comment. Where do I begin with Extension 2? I chose it because well, why not? What’s the harm? I like maths and I’m not bad at it. When I started doing it, I was so sure I was going to drop it, but I’m still going even after complex numbers, graphs, polynomials and now we’ve started conics. It’s intense. It’s hard. But it’s fun. I guess it does help that there’s only me and one of my friends in the class and we have the same teacher that teaches us 2-unit and extension 1 as well. She’s incredible and we’re learning it together, it’s probably one of the best subjects I decided to do, plus, even if I fail miserably, it’s still going to boost my rank by so much at the end of the year because it’s so difficult.

4. Music


Music is my life, need I say more? I live and breathe music. When I’m happy I listen to music, when I’m sad I listen to music, when I’m angry I listen to music. Originally I had chosen Biology then I decided to swap to music because I needed a relaxing subject, and it’s probably the second best subject choice I made. I songwrite, I sing, I play piano and I play violin so when I go to music, it’s basically the only time during the day where I can relax and focus without anything else at the back of my mind. Even with the pressure to do well in my compositions and performances, music is still my safe place. I even tolerate aural for 15 minutes each lesson just so that for the rest of it I can totally escape from reality.

5. Physics


So when I started year 11, I didn’t actually want to study physics but really, I had no other option because I didn’t want to do Ancient History or Community and Family Studies because they are both English based subjects with lots of writing, and people who know me will know that I hate that. I don’t really regret choosing it though, sure it’s hard and sometimes I do wish I had dropped it, but, once you get past all the content – there’s a lot of it, and the small amount of writing we have to do to demonstrate our limited understanding of relativity and Lenz’s Law, is basically just maths. Well, formulas and rearranging and a lot of scientific notation.

6. English


There is so much truth to the picture above that it’s not funny. I didn’t choose English. It’s compulsory. If I had the option to not do it, like I did in New Zealand, there is no way that I would do it. The reason I hate English is that there is no correct answer. In maths you either get the question right or wrong. English is basically a matter of your perspective and how you interpret the text and I hate it. Not to mention essay writing. So basically, I hate English with a passion.

7. Religion


Another compulsory subject that I hate. What I hate most about it is that if I was going to a different school, I wouldn’t be forced to do it. I have nothing against religions, I just really hate the subject and it’s pointless for me to be doing because it is an extra unit that I don’t need as I’ve mentioned in my My Favourite Quotes post. I hate it so much that for the exams we just finished, I did absolutely no study for it and I wrote about four sentences for each essay.

My Timetable


Only because I think it looks very pretty and I have so many frees. We only have four periods in a day, the fifth row is after school when I have Extension 1 Maths.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading. I hope this post has given you a better understanding of who I am and what I like.

Love Alyssa xx

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