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Makeup is an art. It takes lots of practise to master it. I’ve created an A-Z list of makeup tips that I have found very helpful, so whether you’re just beginning to use makeup or you’ve been using it for years, I hope at least one of these tips helps you to look your very best and feel confident about it.

Application – Don’t apply too much product. Nobody wants their face looking ‘cakey.’

Blend – Blend for a flawless finish. Blend foundation, blend concealer, blend eyeshadow… just blend!

Concealer – Concealer is every girls best friend. Dark circles? Redness? Acne? Just apply some concealer. Make sure to blend it out and only apply in thin layers.

Don’t wear makeup to bed! – Even if you’re extremely tired and cannot be bothered, like me almost everyday, always take it off. Trust me, your face will thank you.

Eyes – Use a nude/white eyeliner in your waterline to open up your eyes. Plus, it’s perfect if you need to look awake and you’re like me because you stay up till all hours of the morning watching Netflix on a school night.

Foundation – There is nothing worse than walking around with dark orange foundation. Test foundation on your jaw and check the shade in natural sunlight.

Groom – Groom your eyebrows. Wax them, pluck them, shape them. Eyebrows frame your whole face. Do not forget about them!

Highlight – Highlight your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your cupids bow, seriously, there is no such thing as too much highlighter. Go crazy with it!

Individuality – Makeup is all about expressing yourself. Don’t copy other people. Make your looks your own. Don’t stress about what other people think. If you want to wear blue lipstick, go for it. If you want to do a bold eye with a bold lip, there is nothing wrong with that. Stay true to who you are and who you want to be.

Jawline – Want a super sexy jawline? Just apply a bronzer that is one to two shades darker than your foundation. Don’t forget to blend though!

Kissable – Keep your lips super smooth, soft and kissable by using a lip scrub every 3-4 days and applying lip balm throughout the day.

Lip Liner – When wearing a dark lipstick, use a lip liner first. It will prevent bleeding and and it will help make it last into all hours of the night.

Moisturise – Moisturiser is an actual life saver. Nobody likes dry skin. Plus, it makes applying makeup so much easier!

Nails – Taking care of your nails is vital. Moisturise your cuticles and don’t wear nail polish all the time. It may look pretty but it is damaging!

Old Makeup – Make sure to check it’s expiry date and if it is old, throw it out. It can cause breakouts and nobody wants that.

Powder – Powder is incredible. Especially for those of you with oily skin. Apply it after foundation and concealer. It will keep your base matte and it will help your makeup stay on all day.

Q-tips – Q-tips are great for removing smudged makeup. We are all familiar with the struggle of getting mascara on our eyelids after we’ve already done our eyeshadow. Just dip the q-tip in makeup remover and the mascara should come off without doing too much damage to the eyeshadow.

Reapply – Don’t be scared to reapply makeup during the day/night. Especially lipstick and powder. You want to look flawless all the time so there is absolutely nothing wrong with a few little touch-ups.

Statement – Aim to keep one feature of your face the focus. So if you’ve got a killer smokey eye, pair it with a nude lip to draw the attention to the eyes.

Time – Take your time doing your makeup. Eventually you will get faster and faster. And my best advice yet, if you’re running late, don’t attempt winged liner for the first time, it can sense fear!

Undertone – Make sure you find a foundation that matches your undertones. For warm undertones, use yellow based foundations and for cool undertones, use pink based foundation.

Vaseline – Coat your lashes in vaseline before you go to bed. It will help them grow and we all want longer lashes!

Wash your brushes/beauty blenders – Wash your brushes and beauty blenders at least once a week. Bacteria can build up on them and that will cause breakouts. I like to use warm water with a bit of baby shampoo. Apply the baby shampoo to the brush and move it around the palm of your hand under the warm water.

– Never use concealer as an eyeshadow base. It will cause it to crease.

YouTube – YouTube is a great way to learn how to master that winged liner or that perfect smokey eye. Plus it can give you some great inspiration for your next looks.

Zzzz – Get enough sleep!!! Beauty sleep is so important. It is recommended that you sleep for at least 8 hours every night. I know it’s tempting to watch just one more episode but don’t. Give your face a chance to rest.

Love Alyssa xx

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